House Specialties

Churrasco con Chimichurri ~ Grilled sirloin steak, a “Chorizo”, served with steam vegetables, rice and pickled red onions.     $19.00
“Parrillada Caliente” ~ grilled steak, chicken and pork served over yucca with sizzling onions and sweet peppers, topped with pico de gallo. Served with house dressing and jalapeños on the side.     $16.00
** All below served with rice, a fresh salad or escabeche, and one handmade corn tortilla.

Mar Y Tierra ~ grilled steak, chicken, and shrimp served with sizzling onions and sweet peppers.     $17.00

Camarones Al Ajillo ~ sautéed shrimps in garlic sauce with bell peppers and onions.     $15.00

​Camarones A la Diabla ~ s​autéed shrimps in our “spicy habanero sauce” Really hot!     $15.00

Tilapia Frita ~ fresh fried whole tilapia fish served with with "casamiento" or rice, pico de gallo, and fresh avocado. *allow 20-25 minutes.     $14.00

Costillas de Cerdo ~ creole marinated pork ribs cook with juicy tomatoes, served with onions and sweet peppers.     $14.00

"Carne Asada" ~ marinated and grilled steak served with "casamiento" (rice & beans ​mixed) or rice, pico de gallo, fresh avocado.     $14.00
Add Chorizo/sausage     $3.00
Chile Relleno ~ Poblano pepper stuffed with chicken or beef dipped in egg batter and smothered with salsa.     $13.00

Bistec Encebollado ~ flavorful skillet steak cook with sautéed onions and green bell peppers.     $13.00

Pollo con Mole Oaxaca ~ ¼ chicken or chicken breast, mole is a unique blend of spices, chiles, nuts and some Mexican chocolate made into a thick flavorful sauce.
Served with rice, salad, and handmade corn tortillas.     $13.00

Pollo Guisado ~ 1/4 of chicken stew in tomato sauce with carrots and potatoes.
Salvadorian style.     $13.00

Pechuga a La Parilla ~ grilled chicken breast seasoned with fresh citrus juice and herbs, served with chipotle sauce on the side.     $11.00