Antojos Salvadorian

Pupusa Platter
Pick three for 11 or pick two for 9 Served with one side
Plantains · Fried Yucca · Casamiento · Tamal de Pollo

Choose your pupusas:
Revueltas pork, bean & cheese · Queso cheese only
Frijol Con Queso bean & cheese · Ayote Squash & cheese
Chicharron y Queso pork & cheese · Pollo Con Queso chicken & cheese
Queso Con Loroco cheese & loroco
Pan Salvadoreño ~ stewed chicken breast on French bread, with mayo,
cucumber, radish, lettuce, sliced tomato, and escabeche 8

Yucca con Chicharrones ~ Fried yucca served with “chicharrones”
(fried pork), curtido, and salsa 8

Desayuno Salvadoreño ~ Salvadorian breakfast 2 eggs sunny
side up or scramble, plantains, casamiento, avocado, sour cream and
fresh homemade “cuajada” cheese.
Choice of corn tortilla or French bread 9 With Chorizo 12 With Steak 16